I always knew the penny would change the world.

I’ve known it for three years now. I knew that the minute someone gave a voice to the seemingly insignificant, “voiceless” penny, the momentum behind the penny’s story wouldn’t stop. You just can’t hear her story and look at a penny the same again. 

I knew it’d change the world; I just didn’t know I was going with it.


When I was praying for God to give the penny a voice, I was thinking Kari Jobe and Christine Caine were the answers to that prayer. To have their support and backing of this journey is amazing, and it seemed obvious that Kari picking up the penny was the answer to the “please Lord give the penny a voice” prayer. The exposure Kari has given the penny is more than I could have asked for, and I am so grateful for Kari’s genuine love for the little penny.

It seemed simple to me: The prayer was answered and penny now had a voice. Awareness about trafficking was spreading and money was being donated to A21 through bracelet sales. It was perfect. Exactly what I hoped and prayed for was answered and in motion.

Or so I thought.

God will not tie your soul to a dead-end dream.

I think about the penny and this comes to mind. I love that penny. I can envision the message that the penny carries changing the world. Not just the world of trafficking, but the world. All of it.

Think about it, just today how many times have you felt insignificant, overlooked, under appreciated, or forgotten about?

For many of us it was one of the first things on our mind as soon as the alarm went off. Some of us don’t even feel it anymore because the feeling of worthlessness has numbed everything. In a sense, you, me, and everyone else are a “penny.” It’s not just the victims of trafficking that are overlooked and forgotten about, it’s you and me.

The penny is going to change the world of trafficking because it donates money to A21, and A21 is changing the world of trafficking. That prayer is being answered. Praise the Lord!

But, for the rest of the penny’s message – it applies to all of us. The penny’s story resonates deep in our hearts because we feel what the penny symbolizes. We feel the insignificance, we feel the emptiness, we feel the worthlessness. We try to fit the mold of those around us, but something about fitting the mold just doesn’t fit right.

Let me tell you, it is not supposed to fit right.

Kendall Phillips1 Comment